The Mane Stage – For Festival Fanatics!

While summer music and art festivals are filled with fun in the sun, the shower situation isn’t always ideal. While no one expects to look like a perfect princess the whole time (sans you diehard cosplay fans, true queens), here are some carefree dos that will keep as cool as any fun loving flower child.

Between beach balls, booze, and body surfers, a lot of normally unsavory things will pass over your head. To prevent sticky tangles and unplanned dreadlocks, take control of your coiffure before you even hit the scene. For thicker, curlier, or more coarse hair, french braids are ideal. Not just a couple, go all out! They hold well, stay elegant, and you can effortlessly try on party hats for pics! If your hair doesn’t seem to hold on its own, ask your stylist about dreadlock extensions. They can help protect your natural hair, add volume and personality, and, for the most fun potential, they can add some wild color that will be semi-permanent and chemical free.

No matter what hairstyle you’re rocking out, a splash of color is a simple way spread positive vibes from head to toe. Temporary hair color is great for a rare weekend away, but if you’re a hardcore festival fanatic all summer long, find a few fun, closely related colors and run with them all summer long! Ask your stylist for the best products to preserve your color through surf, sand and water balloons.

While it’s fun to play dress up and rock a wild style, festivals are all about celebrating who you are as an individual. A simple cut and a wash, and you feel re-energized and ready to soak up the sun, sights and sounds, as the best you that you can be. Because your hair is your crown.

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