Share the Hair, Boys & Girls!

appointment scheduling softwareSure, men have been known to rock a close cut for centuries and women sporting a bob is no new idea. But why stay in the lane of hair tradition for all eternity? It’s time to throw your locks into the center lane with these fun styles that are unisex and unifying.

Guys and gals alike can rock these dos, but only if you’ve got the right attitude, because these styles have a mind of their own. Plus, with the heat of summer on the way, these fun-for-all hair duos provide an edgy way to keep your tresses off of your shoulders without locking up those gorgeous locks.

For some, the summer parties and festivals are all about peace and love, and for others, it’s the perfect time for mud and moshing! If you’re thrashing in the punk and rock and roll scene, a mohawk is a great way to stay cool, literally. Shaved sides and a fluorescent fan on top let your scalp breathe, keeping you cool in the tight quarters of underground shows and able to stand out in a sea of black leather jackets and studs. Your hairstylist can hook you up with products for an unmovable mohawk.

Always a sign of a good time, the fro is a look that brings in a bit of fun and free love to every scene. But while a fro may look good on either sex, it’s certainly not achievable by everyone. Thicker, curlier, coarser hair is paramount to pulling off this particular poof. So, if your coif grows in cute coils, go all natural and show it off! With summer on the way, keeping your supple spirals off of your neck and back will also serve as a great relief from the heat. With your Stylist Reservations preferred hairstylist, you can get your ringlets perfectly puffed and perched on high ground just in time for summer.

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