Keep Fall Fresh

While watching nature change colors all around us, it’s hard not to be inspired by the autumn season. The beauty helps to ease the transition from long summer nights into chilly fall evenings. And although it’s fleeting, it’s also one of the most festive times of the year, meaning of course, social gatherings and classy soirées. Here are a few colors that will help you look as fresh as the fall.

Sunset Gold
It’s natural to think of going dark as the days get shorter, but if you’re in love with your blond, you can match the mellow mood by adding a few golden tones to your tresses and underplaying the platinum. Such a delicate procedure definitely warrants a phone call to the pros. To find out a fall-style friendly hairstylist that is available near you, check out and book an appointment when it’s most convenient.

Cozy Cranberry
Not every shade of red has to be a fiery, attention grabbing, scarlet siren, (not that there’s anything wrong with a roaring rojo). Inspired by the fall fruit, a crisp shade of cranberry is a sexy and succulent shade, with a subtle warmth. To get the cranberry you’re craving, get in touch with your barber or hairstylist at and sweeten up your do.

Brown Sugar
A nice, bold brown shines its best in the fall. Even the trees start to go back to their roots, shedding all of the fun colors and getting ready for something new. Perhaps this is the time to slow down with a cool brown. Maple, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other cozy flavors can be great inspirations when deciding which chocolate to choose. Let one of the barbers or hairstylists at work with your schedule to get you the fall look that best fits your gorgeous face!

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