Love Is in the Hair! – And Not Just Cupid’s Curls

salon booking softwareNow that the rush of a new year is over, it’s time for the rush of a new love, with your hairdresser! Stylist Reservations wants you to make a love connection with the hairdresser of your dreams, whenever it is convenient for you. Let us count the ways!


Hey gentlemen! Time to shave that winter beard and let the ladies get close. You can find barbers and book appointments right now, to make sure that your Valentine knows you took the time to look your very best. A lil trim goes a long way, wink wink. You probably hit the gym and drank more water, just as you resolved, now it’s time to brighten up that lion’s mane. You only get one chance to make a first impression.


There is nothing more attractive than confidence, and no one knows that more than your stylist. We want you to love your hair as much as we do, to help you exude confidence, personality, and charm. Maybe you’d love an extreme chop? Or even the opposite, extreme length? Ask your stylist and they will be right behind you when make that change, literally. It was Coco Chanel who said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Let us change it for the best.


A quick wash and trim can do wonders, but add a little vibrant color, and the grey days of winter will seem over before you know it. Some highlights will give your hair a jump on spring, and your roots will thank you for the sensual massage. Also, if you’re going for that beach blond look this summer, now is a good time to start slowly lightening.

Cupid is a busy curly haired cherub, and love can’t be perfect, but your hair can be, because we’re always here for you at Stylist Reservations.

Stylist Reservations’ mission is to provide online reservation capabilities for Hair Stylists or Barbers and their customers making the process convenient, secure, and affordable.

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