Security FAQs

Is my information safe with Stylist Reservations?
Yes, we take every precaution to store your information in a secure location where others cannot view it. We do not share your information with anyone else other than the Hair Stylist or Barber that will need it in case they need to contact you, or our Customer Service and Administrator staff that may need to view your information to resolve any issues that may arise.
What techniques do you use to ensure my information is private?
We encrypt your password using modern encryption techniques. Without your Email address and password information, a person outside of Stylist Reservations can’t view your account details. Our internal staff can view your information so that they may assist you if an issue arises, but even they can’t view your password. The type of information we collect about you is limited to the information you supplied when you joined as a Client, the number of times you (or someone pretending to be you) attempt to sign in, general usage statistics that we use to help us design a system that performs well, or information you supplied when you used our Contact Us form to contact us.

Stylist/Barber FAQs

As a Hair Stylist or Barber, how does the process change compared to Clients?
We provide a Sign Up button on the home page for Stylist Reservations for you to join. You will supply similar information to the Client, except some additional information such as your Address, City, and State. The information you enter is your “Personal Information” which is different than your “Account Information” you will supply later during the Sign Up process.

We also supply information on the Home Page for a Hair Stylist or Barber interested in signing up with us which includes a “Learn More” link to show you the value of using our tools (lots of valuable reasons).

As a Hair Stylist or Barber joining Stylist Reservations, what will it cost?
After signing up with us, you will get a 90 day free trial without having to supply credit card information. After the 90 day trial ends, you can subscribe with Stylist Reservations for just $9.95 per month. We ask for your First Name, Last Name, credit card number, the expiration date, and the CCV code on your card. Once submitted and accepted by our external credit card processor, you are on your way to using Stylist Reservations just as you did during the 90 day trial. We do NOT retain any credit card information in our system. Any outstanding reservations and all of your settings you created during the 90 day free trial will still be available for you to use.
As a Stylist or Barber, can I cancel at any time?
We would like to see you stay, but if you decide to leave us, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will no longer be billed using your credit card information.

Client FAQs

As a Client, what information do you require me to supply?
We need basic information that indicates who you are, your Zip Code to indicate where you are, your Email address, and a password so that you can successfully sign in to our website.
What types of notifications will I receive via Email from Stylist Reservations?
We will notify you via Email when you first join Stylist Reservations, choose to change your Email address, password, forgot your password, created a reservation, canceled a reservation, contacted us, or if you chose to receive our newsletter. If you receive an Email from Stylist Reservations that you believe is suspicious, please notify us by Email at security@stylistreservations.com and we will investigate your concerns.
What if I want to let other family members use my Client account for managing reservations?
When you joined as a Client, you indicated that you were 18 years or older since creating reservations is a type of contract that affects our Hair Stylists/Barbers. We don’t recommend letting other people use your account since they too can join Stylist Reservations as a Client if they are 18 years or older.
As a Client, do I need to give you any credit card information?
No. We do not charge a Client for anything, so there is no need to collect payment information. Payments required between you and your Hair Stylist or Barber will be collected by your Hair Stylist or Barber.
Do I need to select the option to receive your newsletter?
No. This is optional if you would like to receive our monthly newsletter about upcoming events that may be of interest to you.
As a Client, will my information be shared with anyone other than you and my Stylist or Barber?
No. The information you supply us is used by the Stylist or Barber you use to perform Services associated with a reservation you make, our Customer Service staff when you contact us, and our system Administrators that gather key data that indicates the usage of our website.

We will never sell or give your information to anyone else!

What happens if I've already joined, but I forgot my Email address or password?
When you click Sign In, you will find a “Need Help Signing In?” link that you can click to begin the forgot password process. The Email address you should use is the one you used when you first joined, or the Email address you used when you last changed your Email address in your profile. Once you enter your Email address, we will verify that it currently exists in our system and we will send you an Email that will contain a confirmation link you can click to reset your password.
What happens if I join, but I don't use my account for a long time?
We periodically examine our records for accounts that have not been accessed for at least 6 months. We may choose to make the account inactive for non-usage to conserve our system resources. If you attempt to sign in after 6 months of non-usage, you may see a message that indicates we can’t find an account that exists for that Email address. If you see this message, and you entered the correct Email address and password, you will need to join again to use our website.
How long will you retain my account information?
As long as your account remains active due to you signing in during a 6 month time frame, we will retain your account information so that you can still easily use our system.
Once I join, can I cancel my account with Stylist Reservations?
We certainly don’t want to see you leave us, but if you would still like to cancel your account, just let us know through the Contact Us form and we will take the steps necessary to cancel your account. Note that we will take security steps to ensure that it is actually you that requested to cancel your account.
Are there any restrictions for the information I enter when signing up?
Our system verifies that you enter the required information and that it is in a format that is correct. We place limitations on the number of characters that can be entered for some fields to prevent security issues and we require a minimum and maximum number of characters that can be used for your password.
Why do you ask me to enter my Email address twice?
We ask you to enter your Email address twice to avoid misspelling of an Email address that could prevent you from successfully joining Stylist Reservations.
When signing up, why do you ask me to enter my password twice?
Your password is an important component of your security. We ask you to enter it twice to ensure that you entered it correctly.
Why do you ask for my Zip Code?
We ask each new Client to supply as little information as necessary to begin using our system. We use your Zip Code for our own reporting purposes to determine customer density in an area as well as for enhancing our system so that our system performance always meets the needs of our customers. We may use your Zip Code if you chose to receive our newsletter to target customers only in certain areas with information that is relevant to them.
Why do you need my phone number?
Your phone number is required primarily for your Hair Stylist or Barber to contact you in the event of an emergency that may affect your reservation. We also use your phone number to text you information about your upcoming Reservation, in addition to when a Reservation is cancelled by you or your Hair Stylist or Barber. We also ask you for your phone number in case we need to contact you regarding suspicious usage of your account.
Why do I have to agree that I am 18 years or older?
We ask you to agree that you are 18 years or older since reserving a Hair Stylist’s or Barber’s time is viewed as a contract that only adults can enter. You can create a reservation in behalf of a minor (less than 18 years of age), but ultimately, you are responsible for adhering to the terms of Service.
Why do I need to enter the information shown in the CAPTCHA image?
The image displays characters that when entered correctly, indicates a human is interacting with our website. We provide this feature to ensure the security of our web site and our users.
When joining, why do I see a message that indicates the Email address is already in use?
When you see a message that indicates the Email address is already in use, it means that either you typed in someone else’s Email address, or, that you have already joined Stylist Reservations in the past. If you see this message and you, nor anyone you know joined Stylist Reservations with the same Email address, you can contact us at customerservice@stylistreservations.com and we will investigate this issue.
How many times can I attempt to join Stylist Reservations?
Only one active Client account is allowed using a specific Email address. If you are having difficulty joining us using our registration form you can contact us at CustomerService@stylistreservations.com.
Can I change my profile information?
Yes, as a Client or a Stylist/Barber you can change your profile information at any time.
How many Email addresses can I have?
We allow each Client or Stylist/Barber to have only one Email address associated with their account. A Stylist/Barber can have an account Email address and a location Email address.
Can I change my password?
Yes, we provide you with the ability to change your password in a secure manner.
Can I be both a Client and a Stylist/Barber of Stylist Reservations?
At this time you may not be both a Client and a Stylist/Barber of Stylist Reservations unless you use different Email addresses for each account.
Once I join Stylist Reservations, can I sign in to Stylist Reservations from any device with my Email address and password, or am I limited to using a single device to sign in?
Yes, you can sign in to Stylist Reservations using any Internet-connected device that can access a website.
What does "remember me" mean on the Sign In page?
This is for your convenience to automatically sign you in to our system. If you don’t want your device to automatically sign you in, then leave the check box unchecked and you will need to supply your Email address and password every time you attempt to sign in (recommended).
How do I sign out from Stylist Reservations?
Once you have signed in, simply click the Logout link. If you choose instead to close your browser instead of clicking Logout, after a period of time your browser session will expire and we will automatically log you out of our system.
What do I do if I forgot my Email address that I used when I joined Stylist Reservations?
The Email address for your Membership account is the Email address you used when you joined Stylist Reservations. If you don’t remember which Email address you used, try Email addresses you have had in the past until you can successfully sign in. If you still can’t sign in, you may be using the correct Email address, but the wrong password. If you forgot your password you can attempt to reset your password using the Email address associated with your Membership and we will send you a reset password Email. If we can’t find a record of that Email address we will notify you so that you can try a different one.
What do I do if I forget my password?
You will find a “Need Help Signing In” link on the Sign In page that you can click to begin the process for resetting your password.
How long can I remain signed in to Stylist Reservations?
We will end your session after a period of inactivity to conserve our resources. If you attempt to use our system after you have been signed out, we will prompt you to sign in again.
Can I search for a Hair Stylist or Barber?
You can search for a Hair Stylist or Barber when creating a reservation using the reservation wizard, or identifying a Hair Stylist or Barber that you want to assign as a “Preferred Stylist/Barber” that you will often use when creating a reservation.
If I join Stylist Reservations, will I have to search for my Hair Stylist or Barber every time I want to create a reservation?
No. Once you find a Hair Stylist or Barber that you plan to use often, simply click the “Add to Favorites” link and the Hair Stylist or Barber will appear during the first step of the reservation wizard. If you have more than one Preferred Stylist or Barber, you will need to click the preferred Hair Stylist’s or Barber’s name during the reservation wizard before continuing (we need to know which Hair Stylist or Barber you want to use).
Can I have more than one Preferred Stylist or Barber?
Yes, you can have up to five Preferred Stylists and Barbers. If you want to add another Hair Stylist or Barber to your Favorites, and you have reached the limit, you can always delete a Preferred Stylist or Barber and then add a new one.
Will I be able to remove a Hair Stylist or Barber from Favorites?
Yes, we provide you with the ability to easily remove a Preferred Stylist/Barber at any time. You will find a link to remove a Preferred Stylist/Barber next to their name when you click “Favorites” on the navigation bar to display your Preferred Stylist/Barber list.
Can I create a reservation from anywhere?
Yes, you can! Note that the dates and openings are local to your Stylist’s or Barber’s location.
Will I be able to view an upcoming reservation?
Yes. After successfully signing in we display your “landing page” that indicates all of your upcoming reservations.
Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes. After successfully signing in we display your “landing page” that shows all of your upcoming reservations and each reservation has a Cancel link that you can click to cancel the reservation.
What happens if I forget about a reservation I made with my Hair Stylist or Barber?
Your Hair Stylist or Barber may have a cancellation policy although Stylist Reservations does not manage a cancellation policy for Hair Stylists or Barbers. If we receive complaints about a Client not honoring their reservations it may cause us to cancel the membership due to violating our Terms of Service.
How many reservations can I create?
We currently limit the number of upcoming reservations to five. If you want to create another reservation after you have reached your upcoming reservation limit, you will first need to cancel an upcoming reservation.
Can I create a recurring reservation with my Stylist or Barber?
No, we currently do not support recurring reservations with a Hair Stylist or Barber due to the majority of Hair Stylists or Barbers indicating their customers often forget about a recurring reservation which usually ends in the cancellation of an upcoming reservation at the last moment, or, the customer forgets to cancel a reservation which causes problems for both the Hair Stylist or Barber, and the customer. Note that we plan to make this a feature in an upcoming release of our system that will be selectable by the Hair Stylist or Barber if they choose to allow recurring reservations for their customers.

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