Classic Cuts & Styles We Love — And How to Get the Look at Home

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While there are some trends of the past we’d rather not revisit (yes, chunky highlights of the early 2000s, we’re looking at you), there’s plenty from the past to love, and more than a few ways to make the most iconic cuts and styles look totally 2019.

Which era are you still secretly smitten with? Here’s how to bring it back, the right way:

The ‘20s Bob

In the ‘20s, bob haircuts were all the rage, and for good reason—they were an ode to a new independence! Women bobbed their long hair, shortened their skirts, ditched the corsets and went out to party. The flapper cut has always been chic; traditionally, it’s a chin-skimming bob, often paired with a matching fringe. It’s a bit carefree but still classic, and it looks great with lots of different hair types and textures.

The ’70s Shag

Got curls or waves, or crave some extra texture? The shag, a ‘70s favorite that’s recently come back into vogue, is perfect for you. This isn’t the mullet-mess style of the past, though — the modern shag is more Stevie Nicks, full of soft, flattering layers. Your stylist will work with your natural texture to create lots of body and texture from your cheekbones down, and if you’ve been thinking about cutting bangs, this is the time to do it! We love long, brow-skimming bangs paired with a shag cut.

The ‘80s Volume

Don’t worry—the days of sky-high mall bangs and industrial-size hairspray are behind us (for good, we hope). That doesn’t mean we’re giving up on the over-the-top ‘80s entirely, though! A little volume is a great thing, and no era gave it to us like the ‘80s. To channel your inner ‘80s icon, invest in a few volumizing products from your favorite SRC stylist. Or, simply prep your damp hair with mousse and blow dry. And for our fine-haired friends, try flipping your head over while drying, for even more volume.

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