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Keep Fall Fresh

While watching nature change colors all around us, it’s hard not to be inspired by the autumn season. The beauty helps to ease the transition from long summer nights into chilly fall evenings. And although it’s fleeting, it’s also one of the most festive times of the year, meaning of course, social gatherings and classy soirées…

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6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hairstylist

Finding the right hairstylist is a lot like finding the right job or significant other—it’s different for everyone. While one stylist may do wonders for your best friend’s do, they may not have the same effect on you. A good hairstylist is someone you want to go to for years, so the decision to find that special fit should not be made lightly…

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The Mane Stage – For Festival Fanatics!

While summer music and art festivals are filled with fun in the sun, the shower situation isn’t always ideal. While no one expects to look like a perfect princess the whole time (sans you diehard cosplay fans, true queens), here are some carefree dos that will keep as cool as any fun loving flower child…

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Share the Hair, Boys & Girls!

Sure, men have been known to rock a close cut for centuries and women sporting a bob is no new idea. But why stay in the lane of hair tradition for all eternity? It’s time to throw your locks into the center lane with these fun styles that are unisex and unifying…

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Hats Off! Spring Is On.

Finally, the sun is shining bright, the skies are blue, and best of all, flowers are in bloom! Time to adorn your crown with wreaths of delicate flowers. Well, not literally, because that would be time-consuming for you (and not very fair to the plants themselves). But you can still feel like you’re rolling in a botanical garden of yummy freshness by adding just a few spring ingredients to your hair care routine…

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March Into Moisturizer!

We all love beanies – they make us look like adorable snow bunnies. But by the time spring rolls around, “rusted root” isn’t just the name of a band anymore! It’s an apt description of your vitamin D deprived lid. No need to tear your hair out with worry, for spring is the prime time for rejuvenation…

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Love Is in the Hair! – And Not Just Cupid’s Curls

Now that the rush of a new year is over, it’s time for the rush of a new love, with your hairdresser! Stylist Reservations wants you to make a love connection with the hairdresser of your dreams, whenever it is convenient for you. Let us count the ways…

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Classic Cuts & Styles We Love — And How to Get the Look at Home

While there are some trends of the past we’d rather not revisit (yes, chunky highlights of the early 2000s, we’re looking at you), there’s plenty from the past to love, and more than a few ways to make the most iconic cuts and styles look totally 2019…

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Holiday Hair: Party Styles Guaranteed to Turn Heads

This holiday season, don’t let your hair fall flat in the midst of the excitement and chaos. Your friends here at Stylist Reservations have done the work for you by rounding up some of our favorite holiday hairstyles that will keep you in the festive spirit well into the new year….

It’s Salon Booking Software — Only Better.

At Stylist Reservations, our mission is to provide easy-to-use salon booking software with online reservation capabilities for hair stylists, barbers and their clients, making the appointment booking process fast, convenient and easier than ever…