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Stylist Reservations’ mission is to provide online reservation capabilities for Hair Stylists or Barbers and their customers making the process convenient, secure, and affordable.

About Us

Many Hair Stylists or Barbers today still offer their services via phone calls, Email, text messages, website reservation forms, or “walk-ins.” Technology has changed thanks to the Internet, allowing many ways for people to access information. The CEO and founder of the company realized back in 2003 that the process of booking his hair cut every two months was unnecessarily cumbersome, and a waste of time for both he and his Hair Stylist or Barber. With this idea in mind, he wrote the first draft of requirements with sample screen shots that became the genesis of Stylist Reservations.

At first, the focus was going to be on Salon Reservations. But with the advent of the Internet and its astounding presence thanks to personal computers, browsers, Email, websites, smart phones, and the rapid explosion of changes in technology coupled with economic ups and downs, it became clear that the focus needed to change from the Salon – where services are performed, to the Hair Stylists or Barbers that actually provide the services associated with hair care. Hence, Stylist Reservations.com.

In the “old days,” he would call his Hair Stylist or Barber and would reach her voice mail because she was busy providing services to her customers and couldn’t immediately answer the phone. He would leave a message suggesting a date and time, then she would return his call and suggest another date and time. Of course he couldn’t answer his call because he was busy with work resulting in her leaving him a message. Then the phone tag – you’re it, would begin. Sometimes it would take days before they could settle on a date and time that was convenient for both of them. This phone process just had to go and this was before Email and texting became prevalent!

Eventually, some Salons provided a website where a customer could populate a form and request an appointment (or as we like to say – a reservation). Even this approach became nothing more than a “we’ll get back to you if your date and time works for us” approach. This was actually slower than Email or a text message since the response from the Salon or Hair Stylist or Barber was going to be via Email anyway. To make matters worse, if the Hair Stylist or Barber decided to go to another Salon or location where they could “rent a chair,” they might lose the website request form approach and would be back to checking their voice mail, Email, or text messages. The challenges remained the same. The only thing that changed was the technology approach.

Hair Stylists and Barbers are spending entirely too much time trying to solve the problem of immediacy – a customer wants to know right now if they can book an appointment, or not. The customer doesn’t want to play tag anymore, and it is time consuming for the Stylist or Barber as well, so what could solve this problem? That’s when the founder decided that due to technology enhancements and the migration of Hair Stylists and Barbers from one location to another without being tethered to a Point of Sale (POS) reservation system that could not be viewed by customers, the focus needed to change from the Salon, to the Stylists or Barbers themselves. The solution would need to provide convenience for both the Stylist’s or Barber’s customer and the Stylist or Barber while addressing the need for a secure environment that was affordable for the Stylist or a Barber.

As a small start-up company, using top talent engineers that know how to use the latest and best technology, Stylist Reservations finally came to be. Stylist Reservations is not trying to be all things to all possible variants of the hair care service industry. We are simply focused on providing Hair Stylists or Barbers and their current or potential customers with the capability to book online reservations in a secure, convenient, and user-friendly environment.

With the help of our dedicated staff, and in partnership with Hair Stylists or Barbers and their customers, we will continue to improve our product and make the reservation experience the best we can offer. We believe the price for the capabilities we offer Stylists or Barbers is affordable, and it will always be free for any Client.

Please join us now as a Stylist/Barber, or join us as a Client (a Hair Stylist’s or Barber’s customer), so that you too can enjoy the convenience of making online reservations here at Stylist Reservations.

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