6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hairstylist

salon booking softwareFinding the right hairstylist is a lot like finding the right job or significant other—it’s different for everyone.

While one stylist may do wonders for your best friend’s do, they may not have the same effect on you. A good hairstylist is someone you want to go to for years, so the decision to find that special fit should not be made lightly. Here are six things to consider before choosing a hairstylist:

Make Sure They’re Hip to Your Hair Type
Just because someone works wonders on your pal with long, thin hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for your short, wavy hair. Study stylists’ social media, whenever possible, to get a sense of what hair types they frequently work with.

Their Reputation at the Salon
Getting your hair done is a full-on experience. When you go to a salon, you want to feel comfortable and cared for. If you end up with a stylist who isn’t particularly liked by their colleagues, it can make things quite uncomfortable for both them and their clients. Nobody wants bad vibes during their hours-long salon visits.

How Much They Charge for All Services
Before committing to a stylist, get familiar with the details and the little things, such as whether or not a blowout comes with a haircut. If you’re seeking out a colorist and your hair will need a lot of upkeep, find out how much glosses and touch-ups are—not just general highlights, for instance.

What They Specialize In
Some colorists, for example, are known for making their clients that perfect pitch, platinum blonde. Many hair stylists are known for cutting hair a particular way. If you want extensions, make sure you’re dealing with someone experienced in working with all the latest and greatest techniques.

Which Salons They Worked at Prior
Different salons are known for certain styles or ways of doing things. Get a sense of a stylist’s background and dig around to get the 411 on their reputation. If they’ve bounced around excessively from salon to salon, it could be a red flag.

Edgy or Conservative Swag
If you want bright pink hair, you’re probably going to want a stylist who pushes the envelope. Again, be sure to scroll through their social media accounts to get a good look at their forte and previous works. Just because your friend gets blonde highlights that look amazing doesn’t necessarily mean their stylist can give you the pink hair of your rocker dreams.

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